Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iTyphoon for Android - Philippine typhoon tracker

When you live in a typhoon belt like the Philippines, keeping track of typhoons is important. I wanted an app that would display the data from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and could not find one. But a new Android App called iTyphoon is probably the best you can get for Philippine based users. It is a free add supported app (the add is well place and unobtrusive), so there is no reason not to try it.

iTyphoon gets its info from the official Philippine weather bureau, PAGASA. The app will give you weather forecast for the next 2-5 days and the official Public Storm Signal Warnings.

iTyphoon by Neuca Techologies is a very nice made and very professional looking app. Hoping to see more from this developer.


  1. It's now available for iOS. Just released today.

  2. Thanks for this information it was a big help to us for we to know what are the update of typhoon that it might enter to us.

    Greg | Philippine Typhoon

    1. Now if you could make an app which shows the data in your link. That would be even better.

  3. To the developer of this app. We are able to help make this better. Please contact us at Omidhodaie@osellus-mobile.com

  4. This app doesnt seem to be available anymore.


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