Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 20 with the HTC Desire HD: Sample camera shots

I am not expecting too much with the HTC Desire HD's 8MP camera. While 8MP sounds impressive, a good sensor and lens has more to do with picture quality than megapixels (one you get past 1 or 2MP).

Took a couple of shots, and my impression is that the Desire HD's camera selects a higher ISO rather than using the flash in instances where lighting is so so. This results in grainy pictures. I set it manually to 100 ISO and let the flash do the work and got better quality shots. Did not have much time to take sames, but I have dinner tonight at Choi's Palace in Eastwood Mall, and found some interesting subjects, to I took a couple of shots, at ISO 100 with all other settings at default. Better than I expected. 

The restaurant has these amazing creatures on display...

... well at least until someone orders them for dinner (sigh).

Update: Came from a dog show today, and took some shots of our entry.


He brought home six Ribbon's today
for being the best Philippine bred Golden Retriever.
These are cropped shots with the ISO being set to 100. Will upload a 720p video sample tomorrow.

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