Friday, March 11, 2011

Nokia N8 display purple tint issue

Thanks to Sui Generis of TipidCP, I found this statement from the Nokia N8 Facebook page on the purple display tint issue, where a Nokia N8 displays a purple hue when it is supposed to display black.

ATTENTION PLEASE, Here is the statement from Nokia regarding the purple tint issue
I'm afraid that we are not at liberty to discuss any aspect of confidential internal documents.We have, however, given assurances that your local Nokia Care point should have access tothe information that they need to make repairs to N8 and C7 devices that exhibit the symptoms of the purple screen, and we have also made a commitment to our members that if any NCP claims otherwise, we will ensure that this situation is appropriately addressed.
If you wish to test the validity of the information that has been provided to by two Nokia Care managers in this thread, there are several courses of action that you might take:
1. You could take your phone to your local NCP. If the NCP confirms that your device has excessive purple tint but says that they do not know how do deal with the situation, let us know and we will ensure that the Nokia HQ for your country addresses the matter with the NCP.
2. If geography makes it inconvenient to visit your nearest NCP on-spec, you could call them and ask about the situation. Again, if they claim that they know nothing of this situation or how to deal with it, let us know and we'll ensure that this is put right.
3. If you live on a country where Nokia has a service where you can send your device to a central repair hub or to have the device collected from you and sent to a central repair hub; here there should be no question of staff not knowing what to do. Check the repair options on the Nokia web site for your country for more information. If you do wish is to act in a case in which you have been told by an NCP that they do cannot fix devices which exhibit the described symptoms, please e-mail details to 
 The source appears to be this thread at the NokiaUsers Forum. I cannot verify it the message is an official Nokia statement.

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