Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RIM see's the smartphone drifting back to pure communications because of the tablet

TechRadar quotes RIM UK MD as saying "We're going to see a change in behavior; the tablet is going to come in as a media device and we're going to see the smartphone drifting back to pure communications." Apparently RIM sees smartphone's as being used for calls, SMS, Social, email and social networking. In other words, the services available RIM's current generation BlackBerry's are the wave of the future once the tablet comes out. Specifically, RIM's Playbook.

This smartphone plus tablet might be a viable option for many. After a few days of carrying around Samsung Galaxy Tab and my trusty old Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro QWERTY messenger, I realized that the combo was not for me and proceeded to get a 4.3-inch HTC Desire HD. I do not like carrying a tablet around, and accidentally left it on a restaurant seat once. My wife though is very happy using the Galaxy Tab, which easily slips into her handbags. The small tablet plus smartphone seem to be a good option for her. Reading eBooks, web browsing, watching video and playing games really is definitely better than on a smartphone, even one with a large screen. And yes, the tablet would make a high end smartphone redundant for her. 

There is an added bonus with using two devices over one, you don't have to worry about draining the battery of your tablet, since your calls, messages and mail still come in through the smartphone.

But I do not see a change in behavior. With or without tablets, touchscreen smartphone's will continue to be the trend. Even if you did have a tablet, would it not be great to have the same functionality and a similar looking user interface on both? The PlayBook will convince some to stick with their QWERTY messengers, but like Nokia, RIM needs to move to a more modern operating system for their smartphones.

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