Sunday, March 20, 2011

GMA News TV Andriod App

I have been using GMA News Breaking News feeds as my source for local news using the built in RSS reader on my device. So, I was pretty interested to learn that GMA News has released a Android App. The App can be found in the Android Market here

After downloading the App, it is a bit disappointing. It really is nothing more than a dedicated web browser for viewing GMA News feeds, with no options to schedule updates. Basically, you will get the same content and actually a better interface if you point your mobile browser at GMA News Mobile site  ( although the App does appear slightly more bandwidth friendly.

Still it is good to see a local media network taking an interest in Apps. But a review by Ethan on the Android Market really sums it at best: "Great to know GMA noticed the exploding popularity of Android OS. The app obviously looks still half baked. It's a good start nonetheless."

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