Monday, May 16, 2011

OtterBox Commutter Case for the HTC Desire HD

Here are some pictures of the OtterBox Commuter case for the HTC Desire HD. The case consist of two parts. A soft inner black rubber sheath to protect your phone, while the hardened plastic exterior shell which I think is primarily designed to protect the black rubber sheath.

 Initially, I felt the power button was hard to depress but after a day I got use to it. The stiffer buttons also stopped all the accidental depressing I used to do to the volume rocker button when the phone was in its older Capdase Xpose case.

The biggest issue with this case is the price. At Php2,150 it cost more than twice as much as some other decent branded case. It more than many mobile phones for that matter. After two to three weeks of pondering whether I should buy it, well I finally gave in. I hope it is worth the asking price.

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