Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Samsung Galaxy W i8150 - New king of the mid-level Android smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy W i8150. The Samsung Galaxy W i8150 has hit Philippine shores and is now available at CMK Cellphones, and its price should put a smile on your face. How much? Php16,000 with a one year Samsung warranty. 

Samsung Galaxy W i8150

  • Android OS (Android 2.3 Gingerbread)
  • 3.7-inch (480 x 800) LCD
  • 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon
  • 512MB RAM
  • 512MB 1GB user available internal storage expandable up to 32GB via MicroSD card
  • 5MP autofocus primary camera with LED flash and 720p video recording
  • VGA secondary camera
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/Micro USB
  • HSDPA, 14.4 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
  • 1500 mAh battery

Is the Samsung Galaxy W i8150 the best mid priced phone in the market?  In terms of pure speed it is. It combines the fast 1.4GHz processor with fast HSDPA 14.4 Mbps connectivity. 

LG Optimus Black

LG Optimus Black. It primary competitor, the Android powered LG Optimus Black has a slower processor/graphic combo under the hood with its 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX530 GPU and only supports up to HSDPA 7.2 Mbps connectivity. Given both Globe and Smart are rolling out HSDPA+ 21.1 Mbps networks the additional speed will be useful in the Philippines.

Still at Php15,990 the LG Optimus Black has a lot to offer despite not being the speed king. It has a larger more vibrant 4-inch (700-nit) 480 x 800 IPS display protected by Gorilla Glass. The LG Optimus Black has double the amount of user available internal storage at 1GB. Physically, the LG Optimus Black has a ultra slim 9.2 mm thin profile. The Samsung Galaxy W i8150 is not a thick phone, but at 11.5 mm it is thicker.

Basically it comes down to the larger screen and slimmer profile versus processor and internet connection speed. I would think the Samsung Galaxy W i8150, being a newer phone would have a better chance of being upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, but don't count on that. With only 512MB of user storage, that might not happen. Still, Samsung was working on the Galaxy Nexus, it would be disappointing if they did not give this phone just enough room for an ICS upgrade. The ROM is actually 2GB, as big as the LG Optimus Black. So keep your fingers crossed.

It is a though call, and the Samsung Galaxy W i8150's processing and internet speed is tempting, but the absence of Gorilla Glass protection and the larger screen of the LG Optimus Black give it enough advantages. Let's call this one a draw. 

HTC Desire S
HTC Desire S. The HTC Desire S price has gone down to Php19,000. The Desire S compares  better in terms of speed as against the Samsung Galaxy W i8150. Both run on Qualcomm scorpion processors and Adreno 205 graphics. The Samsung Galaxy W i8150 has a 40% advantage in clock speed, the HTC Desire S has 50% more RAM. Both phone support HSDPA 14.4 Mbps.

Between the Samsung Galaxy W i8150 and the HTC Desire S, very little separates them specifications wise. The HTC Desire S will Php3,000 cost you more which makes the Samsung Galaxy W i8150. Your Php3,000 will buy you a premium looking and well built aluminum unibody case, Gorilla Glass protected display, HTC Sense which is the best manufacturer built Android user interface and a bundled 8GB SD card.

HTC has not confirmed that the HTC Desire S is getting upgraded to ICS. But among the HTC Desire S, Samsung Galaxy W i8150 and  LG Optimus Black I think the Desire S has the best chance at being upgrated to ICS. Just don't blame me if the HTC Desire S is not updated to ICS, it is my best guess and nothing more than that.


  1. I'm impressed by its parameters! It must be cool device. Now I use Corby, but in future I wanna buy this one.

  2. galaxy W wins bcuz it has gingerbread. optimus black is never getting geingerbread.

  3. LG actually announced the Optimus Black is getting ICS... but yes, their updates are long overdue.

  4. i this gonna get ics?

  5. i just bought my Galaxy W i8150 - and so far, it really delivered what it has promised!!! ..whew..faster wi fi access!!!

  6. If Samsung doesn't seem to want to upgrade the Galaxy S to ICS then what will happen to the Galaxy W which has the same RAM and ROM as the Galaxy S? Is it forever stuck on gingerbread?

    This phone is only a couple of months old but it's looks like it will no longer get updates!

    Nice of Samsung to treat Galaxy W owners like bastard step-children.

    1. It is a mid-range phone, it gets mid-range priority (probably less). If you want better updates, get a nexus device or buy the latest and greatest. Even the galaxy s has slim chances of getting an official ics update.

    2. It is disappointing though since its competition, the Desire S, Neo V and Optimus Black all have been confirmed for ICS.

  7. Given that Samsung was working on the Nexus phone, it would be disappointing if they do not upgrade their phones to ICS. One of the biggest problems of upgrading some phones is the amount of internal storage. It would be great if all future Androids came with at least 8GB of expandable internal storage and stop bundling a 8GB MicroSD card.

  8. Well...before to say that LG P970 is better than galaxy w, watch this:

    BTW, i try an OB, and the OS was horrible...

  9. Nice to see an ICS custom ROM coming to the Galaxy W. Apparently, it won't be getting an ICS update. The Desire S and Optimus Black are getting official ICS updates.

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