Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smart LTE Official Launched! Pricing and Coverage.

Smart Communications officially launched its LTE service that it has been testing since last year. The plan is for a high speed broadband only accessible via a Huawei E392 USB modem which comes free as part of the plan.

How fast? Up to 42 Mbps. How much? Well, the price for the plan it a fairly high Php3,500 per month for a total of 10 GB of bandwidth, but that is actual reasonable if you compare it to similar services abroad. Please note, the 10 GB limit covers both upload and download. Over and above the 10GB, you will be charged Php450 per month. It is not clear to me yet how you measure you use.

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The biggest disappointment is coverage. Right now only 49 locations are covered by LTE. Where there is no LTE you can still connect to HSPA+, HSPA, 3G, EDGE, GPRS towers, which is still chargeable against your 10 GB bandwidth cap.

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