Saturday, October 12, 2013

New format for Smartphone Buyer's Guides

There have been some discussions with readers of this blog, on how best to revise the buyer's guides on this blog. Right now, I divide it into three categories:

I have also limited it to not more than 5 phones per category, occasionally throwing in a Wildcard (a niche market phone). The current classification really looks to be insufficient, especially considering the heaviest competition these days is in the lower price ranges.

I was thinking of a new scale which would look something like this:

Entry level (up to Php5K)

- MyPhone Rain, Php2988
- Cherry Mobile Life, Php2,999
- Cherry Mobile 2X, Php4,499
- Cherry Mobile Burst, Php4,699
- Arc Mobile Nitro, Php4,999

Low cost (up to 10K, it is a bit strange calling 720p quad core phones, as entry level)

- Arc Mobile Memo, Php6,150
- Cherry Mobile Apollo, Php6,700
- Nokia Lumia 520, Php7,450
- MyPhone A919i, PHP7,990
- Cherry Mobile Omega, Php8,990
- Cherry Mobile Blaze, Php9,490

Lower Mid-Range (up to 15K)

- Nokia Lumia 620, Php10,800
- Cherry Mobile Cosmos S, Php10,999
- ZTE Grand X, Php11,500
- Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2, Php11,699
- MyPhone Agua Iceberg, Php11,988
- MyPhone Agua Vortex, Php12,388
- Nokia Lumia 625, Php12,200 (LTE on Globe only)
- Lenovo S820
- Nokia Lumia 720, Php12,700
- Lenovo P780, Php13,500
- HTC 8X, Php13,500

Upper Mid-Range (up to 20K)

- Sony Xperia SP, Php15,990
- HTC Desire 600, Php16,390
- Huawei Ascend Mate, Php16,700
- HTC One X 32 GB, Php16,990
- Huawei Ascend P6, Php17,990

High End (up to 25K)

- LG Optimus G, Php20,990
- Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, Php20,900
- Nokia Lumia 925, Php21,500
- Sony Xperia ZR, Php22,990
- Sony Xperia ZL, Php24,500


- LG Optimus G Pro, Php25,550 (LTE on Globe only)
- Sony Xperia Z, Php25,990
- LG G2, Php26,650
- Samsung Galaxy S4, Php28,700
- HTC One, Php30,990
- Nokia Lumia 1020, Php31,990
- Samsung Galaxy Note, Php34,450

This is not the list, just a sampling of contenders. This list has six categories. Maybe five categories (6/12/18/24/24), with three recommendations each for a total of 15 phones might be better? Adding a wildcard per category where appropriate for a maximum of 20 phones. What do you think?


  1. Is this true? Nokia Lumia 720 only at P7,490?

    1. Sorry, that is a typo. Should read Lumia 520.

  2. i think this blog will be showing the most comprehensive guide in the Philippines if you use new format. kudos sir! :)

  3. hmmm to me ok na rin naman yung dating format (with the wild cards), pag ganyan na rin kasi karami yung categories parang ang dami nang mapapasok na phones. Hindi na masyadong masasala yung creme dela creme ng each category. Anyway, di lang naman ako ang nagbabasa ng blog na ito hehehe :D

    1. I do appreciate the feedback. Not sure how best to proceed on this myself.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The new format is really more helpful -- since it can't be helped that the choices are broader now. However IMHO Flagship range can already be covered by the High-End Range. If one should cover Flagship Products, then it should be considered that one should cover ALL of the Flagship products of ALL the manufacturers. In this regards Five Ranges would be advisable.

    1. Entry,
    2. Lower-Mid,
    3. Mid
    4. Higher-Mid,
    5. High End :)


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