Friday, August 3, 2012

Android takes 68% of the Global Market Share in Quarter 2 of 2012

Operating system. Canalys reports that the Android Operating System has taken 68% of the Global Market share in Q2 of 2012. That is up from 47.6% for the same period last year.

Equally significant is that Android shipments in Quarter 2 of 2012 totaled more 107.8 million units, which is more than the total number of smartphones shipped during the same period last year. This represents a 110.4% growth. 

Apple's iOS also showed growth improving in terms the number of smartphone shipped, to 26 million units, up from 20.3 million in the same period last year. Its market share declined by over 2% to 16.4% since its 28% growth was below the in industries 46.9% growth.  

Windows Phone tool only 3.2% of the market, with just over 5 million units shipped for the quarter, but that is a growth of 277.3% year on year.

RIM's BlackBerry and Nokia's Symbian suffered steep declines in terms of units shipped for the quarter as compared to the same period last year.

Markets. Significantly, China is now by far the worlds largest smartphone market, with 27% of all smartphone shipments being shipped to China for the quarter. The United States accounted for 16% of all smartphone shipments.

Vendors. Samsung retained it position as top smartphone marker with shipping 45 million smartphones in the quarter, followed by Apple with 26 million. Nokia retained its third place position, while HTC moved up to fourth place, and RIM fell to fifth.


  1. There is no wonder that android take 68% in Global market share as from last 2 year Android is becoming first choice of all users due to its numerous application.Samsung galaxy Y which is one of the cheapest handset with android features which generally enhances android market share.

    1. The strength of Android has always been choice.


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