Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Plans: Globe versus Smart

G Globe Telecom and Smart Communications are offerings RIM's entry level BlackBerry Cure 9220 on low cost plans. The BlackBerry Cure 9220 is the entry level gateway to BlackBerry services.

Globe's offering gives you the phone for free, at Plan 499 plus at least one BlackBerry add-on. If you select the cheapest add-on which is unlimited BlackBerry Messaging (BBM), that is a Php99 add-on, for a total monthly bill of Php598. The phone is free, subject to a 24 month lock-in.

If you are thinking of adding on BlackBerry Social or the full set of BlackBerry Services, that will comes out to Php799 or Php1,098. If this is what you prefer, it would be best to apply for a BlackBerry at Plan 999 instead. You get the higher end BlackBerry Cure 9320, 

At first glance, Smart Communications All-In Plan 500 is not as inviting. The phone is not free. You pay Php950 for the phone. Also you are locked-in for a longer period of 30 months.

However, the Smart All-in-Plan allows you to consume the Php500 monthly allocation for BlackBerry Services. If you sign up for a BBM only package, you get unlimited BBM plus Php401 consumable for Php500 per month. For BlackBerry Social (unlimited Facebook, Twitter and BBM) you pay just Php500 a month, with Php200 consumable. If you sign up for the full BlackBerry service (unlimited Internet, email, Facebook, Twitter and BBM) you pay Php599 a month.

Basically, if you are looking for a low cost BBM package, Globe's offering is a good choice. If you want to use a BlackBerry primarily or exclusively for data, the Smart offering may entice you more. 


  1. best midrange smartphones for this month please:))

    1. This one is still valid for now, but will update it soon.



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