Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Asus X401U versus Asus X401A

With two versions of the 14-inch Asus budget thin and light in the market, which one is the better choice? You have the AMD powered Asus X410U and the Intel powered Asus X401A. Except for the processor and graphics both have identical specifications.

The AMD powered Asus X410U is the less expensive of the two, starting at Php16,990. With Windows Home Basic pre-installed, it will set you back Php18,990. The Intel powered Asus A410A is starts at Php20,990, and adding Windows also costs 2K, bring the price up to Php22,990.

The Asus X410U is cheaper for a reason. The performance of the two in terms of processing power is rather large

Basically, the AMD version cost 4K less than the Intel version, but overall provides almost a third of the processing power. The AMD E2-1800 does have a good graphics chip which can play Full HD video with ease.


  1. Great comparison! I just bought ASUS X401U based on this blog. Kudos!

  2. a happy X401U user here, great for basic computing. nice review.

  3. in price to overall performance ratio. which is better?

  4. Just bought X410U for my college teen.. basic computing and great video/graphics capability ... 17K cash price is the lowest that i could find :)

  5. Good joke guys. intel b970 is a lot better CPU than amd e2-1800. Loking on that results You can also say that i7 CPU is also worst from amd e2-1800 what is also not true.
    very bad comparison...
    here you have better comparison:

  6. Replies
    1. Compared to the X401A it is less powerful.

      As for the X401 series in general, the build quality is average. It works and it feels durable enough, but it looks like a 20K laptop.

  7. I'm doing a lot of spreadsheet work, so I have to scroll a lot from left to right.

    Does the touchpad support horizontal scrolling? Does it have the gesture side scrolling by swiping two fingers to the left or right?

    1. Maybe it can, because asus x401 support touchpad multi gesture..

  8. Planning to buy this one. Does this have a card reader?

  9. D ba windows 8 supported itong asus x401u?? compatible ba xa sa smartbro??

  10. are all the parts ie; mobo palmrest screen etc all interchangeable.manyn thanks


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