Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Globe iPhone 32GB 4S versus the Smart iPhone 32GB 4S - Postpaid options

We already compared Apple iPhone 4S postpaid plans for the 16GB model at this link. Both Globe Telecom and Smart Communications offer the 32GB model free on postpaid plans.

@Smart Data Plan 3000. Smart offers the iPhone 4S 32GB at its Data Plan 3000, which includes the following in the plan:
  • 300 minutes calls to all networks
  • 240 SMS to all networks
  • Unlimited data
Basically, this is a Php72,000 commitment over a period of two years.

If you won't fully utilize this plan, you may consider a lower Data Plan, like Smart Data Plan 1500, Data Plan 2000, iPhone Plan 2499 or Plan 999 which will require you to pay some cash to get the iPhone 4S 32GB.

Data Plan 3000 
Cash out: Php0
Two year commitment: Php72,000

iPhone Plan 2499
Cash out: Php200 mo. over two years (Php4,800)
Two year commitment: Php64,776

Data Plan 2000
Cash out: Php8,000
Two year commitment: Php56,000

Data Plan 1500
Cash out: Php17,500
Two year commitment: Php53,500

Plan 999
Cash out: Php1,200 mo. over two years (Php28,800)
Two year commitment: Php52,776

If you look at this comparison, getting a 32GB iPhone 4S at Data Plan 1500 or Plan 999 are not good deals. If you want an iPhone 4S 32GB, start at Data Plan 2000.

@Globe Plan 3799. Globe does not have a plan to match Smart's Data Plan 3000 but offers the iPhone at a higher plan, Plan 3799 includes the following:
  • Php2800 consumable
  • Unlimited data
  • 7 freebies 
A: 10 mins of calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM
B: 5 mins of call & 25 SMS to other networks
C: 10 mins IDD & 10SMS to 10 international destination
E: Unlimited Call & Text to 1 Globe/TM number
This is a higher commitment of Php91,976 over two years. If you are considering this plan, you might want to take a look at Smart Data Plan 4000 which comes bundled with a iPhone 4S 64GB phone instead.

You can also add cash to a lower plan.

Plan 3799
Cash out: Php0
Two year commitment: Php91,976

Plan 2499
Cash out: Php4800
Two year commitment: Php64,776

Plan 1799
Cash out: 10,080
Two year commitment: Php53,256


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