Thursday, December 1, 2011

HTC's new monster: The HTC Sensation XL

I am guessing XL, in the name of HTC's Sensation XL stands for extra large. Its 4.7-inch screen dwarfs the 4.3-inch units on the Desire HD and Sensation. Physically, it is big. It is 2.7 mm wider than the Desire HD and 6.4 mm taller than the Sensation. At 9.9 mm it is much slimmer than either the Desire HD or the Sensation.

Inside though, it is not much of a giant. Fire up the unit and the 480 x 800 resolution is probably a bit low for this size of screen, especially today with the Android flagships moving up to 720 x 1280. Its has a 1.5GHz single core processor is fast, but really puts it in the realm of mid-level Androids. The phone comes with 16GB of internal storage but it has no SD Card slot. It has a better camera than its HTC Android brothers and does come with Beats Audio... but at Php27,100 it is a little bit too expensive for what it offers. 

The HTC Sensation XE is actually an Android version of the Windows Phone 7.5 powered HTC Titan. As a Windows Phone it is a monster device. As a Android phone it is a mouse wearing the armor of a monster. Sometimes I think HTC just made the Sensation XE to use up Titan parts in case the Windows phone flops.

We recommend you pass on this one. 27K is just too much for this phone. At 4-5K less, we would feel differently. If you want a big expensive Droid, the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation XE are much better choices. Still, a 4.7-inch screen, is a 4.7-inch screen. If you are vision impaired or just want a bigger screen, you may want to give this one a look.

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