Monday, December 26, 2011

Android users are from Mars, iPhone users from Venus...

From the top 150 apps downloaded on each platform in November 2011, non-gaming apps on Android generated 91.5 million downloads in November compared to 33.4 million for games. On the iPhone, game downloads in November 2011 totaled 71.6 million while other apps received 25.6 million downloads.

Games accounted for 27% of the downloads from the Android market while games accounted for a whopping 74% of the downloads from the iOS App Store. 

The top publishers of Android apps were Google and Facebook, while the top publishers of iPhone apps were Glu Mobile and Gameloft, with Google and Facebook not coming in the top 25.

There are many ways to interpret this data, but it does look like in addition to phone functions, Android owners are more likely to use their devices for social networking while iPhone owners are more likely to use their devices as mobile gaming platforms.

1 comment:

  1. Its because the devs build their programs for apple first then they port it to android. Cant blame devs because of the fragmentation of android though.


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