Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smart Samsung Galaxy Note January 19, 2012 promo

If the Samsung Galaxy Note free on Smart Data Plan 2000 (two-year lock-in) was not yet a good deal, if you apply for one tomorrow, January 19, 2012 at the Smart Wireless Center at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City, you also get the first month service fee free. Basically, the package got cheaper, but for one day only.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch Android powered phone retails for over Php31,000.


  1. I have been using Galaxy Note for 6 weeks now. It is amazing. Initially, I had some apprehensions about voice calls. Even that is no problem once you get used to it. It is so thin that it does not cause any difficulty holding it during calls. Laptops were portable compared with PCs; Tabs are even more portable than Laptops; Galaxy Note beats them all in that that it can be always with you in your pocket, to help you in voice calls and browsing. Polaris office that is bundled with the software in Note, makes your life with word, excel and power point easier, allowing you to edit as well. With such a nice camera on Note, I do not carry my point and shoot cameras any more (except DSLRs). Battery is very decent - It lasts almost 24 hours with about 2 to 3 hrs of browsing coupled with other uses. You have some free battery saving apps as well in the android market. Someone has complained about poor battery life upon 6 hrs wifi coupled browsing - even many tabs and laptops fail upon such usage. I will recommend it to anyone without an iota of hesitation.

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the device. I am sure it will be helpful to our readers.


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