Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Intel is now mobile

Intel is finally in the mobile game. After years of trying to get into the ARM dominated field, Intel is officially in with the Lenovo K800 smartphone. The Lenovo K800 is a Android device with a high resolution 4.5-inch 720p display. Powering the phone is a  1.6GHz Atom processor on a Medfiled chip. This phone is only coming in China so it is of little relevance to the rest of the world. Motorola has signed a multi-year deal with Intel to develop Intel powered smartphones and tablets.

Intel's last attempt at entering the mobile arena was with Nokia, which was supposed to take the form of the Nokia N9 running on MeeGo. The N9 went the Arm route and Nokia went to Windows Phone.  MeeGo which was being developed jointly by Intel and  Nokia partnership basically became an orphan.

With MeeGo going nowhere Intel went the Android route. It will be some time before we see Intel mobile devices on the shelves, but the significant thing is that Intel has a new software partner, and Android has a new hardware manufacturer supporting it.

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