Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What to expect in CES 2012 - Quadcore and LTE smartphones

While we have mini-notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets at CES 2012, the most popular consumer computer is still the smartphone, and we do expect to see plenty of this at the CES. 
Will the Samsung Galaxy S III look like this? Looks more like something HTC might build. Image credit to Concept Phone.
Android 4.0 phones.  Expect to see all the major Android manufactures to show off a Android 4.0 phone, with a interface free from hardware buttons and a large 4.5-inch to 4.7-inch 720p HD display. The real question is whether we see quad-core Android smartphones at CES 2012 or dual core phones going at 2 GHz or higher? Tegra 3 is already out for tablets, but we are not sure if the mobile phone variant is ready. Qualcomm's quadcore and 2GHz dual Krait's are probably not ready yet. We are not expecting TI 2GHz OMAP's till later this year.

We do expect to see a whole bunch of mid-level dual core Android 4.0 phones with qHD displays too.

In the end all eyes will be around the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung is now clearly the leader in Android manufacture technology. For HTC and Sony, this are rebuilding years. With the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus in its belt, people are expecting a killer phone with the S III designed to the match whatever Apple may release later this year.

Nokia and LTE. Nokia is likely to be the biggest story in the show. We expect to see the Lumia 900 with a large 4.3-inch screen, front-facing camera and 4G LTE chips. It will be really disappointing if we don't. We also expect to see previous of lower end Nokia Windows Phone devices. 

Expect to see HTC and Samsung Windows phones with 4G LTE chips.
LG and Intel. Not sure where this will go, but do expect to see an Intel Atom powered smartphone by LG.

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