Friday, October 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note S II Priced

CMK Cellphones has listed the Samsung Galaxy Note S II with a price of Php31,500, and that is covered by an official manufacturers warranty. The unit is still listed as coming soon.

That is 3-4K lower than I expected the price to be. Not bad for a 5.5-inch, quad core, stylus equipped, Android powered phone tablet with a amazingly powerful 3100 mAh battery. 

I suspect we will see Samsung Galaxy S III prices drop soon (actually at CMK, the price of the S III is already 2K less than before).


  1. Would you know of the Samsung Galaxy Note2 Flip Cover is already available locally? Thanks.

  2. Is LTE not available in the SGNote2 version released in the Philippines? Been looking at the specs sheet at the Samsung Phils site and it doesn't mentioned anything about LTE. Just want to confirm. Thanks.

    1. The Note 2 has an LTE Radio. I am not sure if it is compatible with either Globe's or Smart's LTE networks.


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