Saturday, April 23, 2011

Around the Web: PlayBook, Arc and Gingerbread

Work has kept my away from blogging, and in the fast paced mobile device arena, a lot happens in a week. 

PlayBook. The BlackBerry PlayBook is out abroad. No word when it is coming to the Philippines. But since the the local RIM distributer took the pains to demo one to, we assume it will be coming at some point in time. Price should be the same as the expected price for the entry level Apple iPad 2. 

The scoop on this one is simple. If you use a BlackBerry phone and BlackBerry email services, you may want to consider this. For everyone else, the Apple iPad 2 is a better option. The reality right now is the only local options are the older Apple iPad "1" and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, both of which are not available at reduced prices. 

Arc. We are not ready to update our smartphone buyers guide, but if we did so right now, we would put the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc at the top of the list. It is not the best value for money option, but with a excellent camera, a 4.2-inch screen and decent internals it offers the most well rounded package. Plus TechRadar has named the Arc the best smartphone in the world.  That influences us a lot too...

Basically, every other phone has some part that does not work as well as it should or is missing. The HTC Desire HD has a 8MP camera, which might as well be a 5MP unit with a dual LED flash that often does not adjust correctly to the situation. The Samsung Galaxy S, well it has no flash at all. The Arc puts everything together in a package where the user won't feel like anything is missing. 

Gingerbread for the Ace. GSM Arena reports that it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Ace is getting Gingerbread. 

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