Friday, April 1, 2011

Delayed iPhone 5 release rumours

There have been numerous reports that the iPhone 5 will not be released in June 2011, but will be delayed to later in the third or fourth quarter of the year. Granted, the recent disaster in Japan will affect the ability of many manufacturers to shipped existing offerings and may delay the release of future offerings. But Apple has said nothing about this, and I for one, am not going to believe it until the news comes from Cupertino itself. 

With the Apple iPad 2 release, the company doused water on its Google Android based rivals by offering a equivalent or superior product, based on your point of view. With a dual core processor and a updated graphic processing unit, it does not allow the Android devices to take the technological high ground. On the iPhone front, in 2010 Apple did not bite into the trend of larger displays, but it continued with its  3.5-inch display but offered the highest resolution in the market with hardware to match the latest and greatest Android can offer.

In many ways, the iPhone is in danger of falling behind. Android has a slew of dual core phones hitting the market, with many being 4G or LTE capable. Some will feature NFC technology. The iPhone's icon driven interface is not as functional as Android widget capable UI and does not look as slick as Windows Phone 7 new Metro interface. Granted, not everyone cares about widgets and Metro is a love it or hate it proposition, but I do not think anyone will contest, that after four years, the icon driven interface is starting to feel old. iOS 5, is needed. 

In 2007 Apple introduced innovative technology with it's iPhone, which lacked things like 3G capability. The phone was so innovative, and behind the curve, that it was written off by many. The years 2008 and 2009 would see the iPhone was the undisputed best in the industry. Last year, the iPhone faced it strongest challengers, with the Nexus One coming out and seriously upping the numbers game against the iPhone 3GS. Had Google found a better way to market its Nexus S, things could have been very different now in terms of market share. Not that this stopped Android from climbing to the top.

A June 2011 iPhone 5 release would put a up to date, dual core phone in the market just as Apple's competitors products hit the shelf. A delayed iPhone 5 release. by two or three months may not seem like much, but it move Apple from the leader, to following the Android pack. I do not see Apple letting this happen, and I think they would move heaven and earth to get their iPhone 5 in the market at the expected date. Let's wait and see... 

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