Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HTC partners with Dropbox to give 5GB of online storage to HTC Androidphones

HTC has entered into a partnership with Dropbox to give 5GB of online storage to HTC Android phones. HTC posted this on their Facebook page. I am not sure if this offer only applies to new HTC devices or even older HTC Android phones.

Dropbox provide free online storage to all Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices, although only 2GB free storage is given. You can earn additional storage by completing some tasks or referring other users to get up to 10GB.

HTC Windows Phone 7 devices do not get this. Dropbox does not have a Windows Phone 7 app. Windows Phone 7 devices do have 25GB of Skydrive storage, but it is not the same thing as having Dropbox storage.

Dropbox syncs your offline files to online storage whenever you have an internet connection. If you have several desktops or laptops it will sync your files across your devices. You can also share files to other Dropbox users. You can also access your online files via any web browser. Dropbox works across multiple platforms which include Windows, Mac OSX and Linux making even it more useful.

Basically, Skydrive only allows you to upload files, and share what you uploaded.

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