Monday, September 9, 2013

Apple iPhone 4 @Smart All-In Plan 800

The Apple iPhone 4 is three years old now. It 3.5-inch display is really small, and its 1 GHz single core processor is rather slow, by today's stands. But the Apple iPhone 4 display is still sharp. Apple launched its "retina" display on the iPhone 4. For typical smartphone use (communications and social networking), the 1 GHz processor will do just fine.  The glass back case with the aluminum edges still feels as premium as ever. Basically, the hardware is a case of a glass half full or half empty depending how you look at it. 

At Smart Communications All-In Plan 800, well the glass looks more like three quarters full. First, you don't usually expect to get a phone this nice at Php800 a month plan. Second, it is amazing what you can do with a Php800 a month plan from Smart.

For Php800 a month you can come up with a pretty amazing call an text package:


- 500 minutes a month to Smart, Sun and PLDT
- 80 minutes a month to Globe, Smart and Sun
- 2000 SMS to Globe, Smart and Sun
- 150 MB of data for 30 days
- Php150 Consumable balance for MMS or additional data

 For those who a more SMS and data centric, which is the current trend:


- 500 minutes a month to Smart, Sun and PLDT
- 2000 SMS to Globe, Smart and Sun
- 1.15 GB of data for 30 days
- Total monthly bill is Php900 a month

This offer is available till September 16, 2013.


  1. At 30 months lock-in, that's 24k. But you don't have to worry about whether it's worth it or not, because...

    It's already sold out, both 8GB black and white models. =/

    1. You are not buying the phone. It is only 24k if you don't need the plan. It is sold out in the online store, but each branch has its own stocks.

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