Saturday, September 14, 2013

MyPhone Vortex priced at Php12,388

MyPhone has announced the pricing for its Vortex, and it is a fair bit higher than I expected at Php12,388. This makes it the second most expensive locally branded phone, just behind the O+ 8.15 and the Starmobile Diamond V7. What really surprises me is that it costs more than the 5.7-inch MyPhone Agua Iceberg.

Still it has a Sony Sensor and has been featured on GSMArena... that must count for something. Also it is being offered on six months zero interest.

Pricing abroad is US$295, so the local pricing is actually lower than the international price. Looks like a really nice phone, but is it big. It is 8 mm taller and 4 mm wider than a Galaxy S4. It is actually taller and wider than the Lenovo P780 with the massive 4000 mAh battery.


  1. The conclusion from gsmarena says it all.

    > The Micromax Canvas 4 is a relatively minor
    > update over the Canvas HD when it comes to the
    > hardware. It’s the software tweaks in the
    > Canvas 4 that actually give it an edge over
    > its predecessor, but we are not sure those are
    > worth the price difference.

    A919i Duo is the rebranded Canvas HD, and they're selling it these days for 8k at SM North. That's a pretty big price gap for this upcoming Vertex and the larger Iceberg at 12k.

    1. I would agree. When it comes to value for money, the MyPhone A919i and OHD 2.0 are the two that really stand out.


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