Thursday, September 5, 2013

HTC Butterfly S - Php35,200 smartphone. Yikes!

HTC has launched it new Butterfly S smartphone in the Philippines, and it is selling at the eye-popping price of Php35,200. Whether a smartphone can be sold at that price these days, is a rather large question  mark. Given the the HTC Butterfly S comes with a Qualcomm S600 chipset, rather than the latest and greatest Qualcomm S800 is not going to make it easier to convince people to fork out 35K.

Nothing about the HTC Butterfly S really stands out. It comes with a large 3200 mAh battery, but without any battery life tests yet, I really cannot confirm that it does better than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy S4 makes more efficient use of its 2600 mAh battery than the HTC One does with its 2300 mAh battery. So a 3200 mAh battery on the butterfly might not necessarily give it much better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

So what you have here is just another 5-inch 1080p smartphone, with the only things distinguishing from the pack being Boom Sound and the low light capable, but generally mediocre Ultrapixel camera.  

If you are considering this phone, just wait three weeks for the LG G2, which has a larger 5.2-inch display in a smaller body, comes with a large 3000 mAh battery and packs the cutting edge Qualcomm S800 chipset inside.


  1. 35k? absurd. do they (htc) really think that they are apple-level premium to command a high price for relatively lousy specs?

    1. Yeah! I agree that's too expensive, the specs is underrated in some reviews I've read.

  2. Glad to stumble your post...Thanks for your suggestion..

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