Friday, September 20, 2013

MyPhone Agua Iceberg & Vortex now available at 24 months zero interest

The demand for locally branded Android smartphones is high. These phones sold by Cherry Mobile, Cloudfone, MyPhone, Starmobile and a dozen other local players offer specifications comparable to phones from established brands at a fraction of the cost. 

Still, there appears to be some price point where people feel they are too expensive. The MyPhone A919i and Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 originally priced at Php9,490 and Php8,990 both seem to have done fairly well. I base this on the size of their user base at local forums like The response to the newer breed of higher end 10K plus Cherry Mobile Cosmos and MyPhone Agua series seems to be that they are too expensive. The announcement of the new Starmobile Diamond V7 at Php12,990 generated little interest. 

Seeming to confirm this observation is MyPhone's latest promo. Both its new Agua phones are being offered at 24-months zero interest at Automatic Centre and SOGO. The MyPhone Agua Iceberg was originally offered at 24-months zero interest on the launch, then after that on 12-months zero interest. The MyPhone Agua Vortex was available on 6-months zero interest at launch.

These 24-month zero interest offerings are good deals in my opinion, and if MyPhone keeps this promo up, I think this may be a marketing trend the rest may be forced to follow.

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