Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smartphone or phablet? Which is best for you.

Smartphones, even larger ones, are still better choice for those who make a lot of voice calls. 

Today, you have Android smartphones ranging from 3.2 to 5-inches, and phablets with sizes from 5.3 to 6.4-inches. Which is a better choice?

Large 5.7-inch phablets are more comfortable to use for modern smartphone use,
which is basically the function of a mobile internet device

You carry your smartphone more than you use it (smaller is better). We carry our smartphones 12-18 hours and use them for 1 to 4 hours per day. This means they spend more time in our pocket or handbag than in our hands. So this is the first thing you should consider in selecting a smartphone. How do you plan to carry it around. 

For the gents, this usually means something that can fit in their pockets is better, and how big the pockets are depends on whether you are the type to wear cargo pants and loose jeans or fitted slacks. I think you will find that one reason why the Apple iPhone is popular with the business set, is sticking a Samsung Galaxy Note II in you finely fitted suit is not all that comfortable and breaks the contour of the suit.

For the gals, well most phablets should nicely fit in a handbag.

One handed use is not as important as it used to be (bigger is better). I still prefer a phone I can use with one hand, but that is really old habits of an old dog. Okay, I will admit it. I am a smoker, so often time during breaks, I will have a cigarette in one hand and a smartphone in the other.

But even I SMS and type with two hands having come from a series of QWERTY messengers before migrating to the touchscreen. No one multi-taps these days anymore and typing with a QWERTY keyboard with one hand is slow. When typing with two hands, a large phablet is usually more comfortable than a narrower smartphone. With smaller smartphones, typing is usually easier in landscape mode.

Phablets can be awkward when making calls (smaller is usually better). If you spend a lot of time making voice calls, you probably would prefer a smartphone. Holding a phablet to your ear can look and feel awkward. If you are used to using a Bluetooth headset, than size does not matter.

As far as displays go, bigger is better (yup, bigger is better). If you spend more time sending SMS, instant messages, social networking, browsing the web or playing games. The experience is more pleasant with a large display. It is also better for your eyes.

The smaller the smartphone you buy, the more likely that you will buy a tablet later.

My advice. Ask yourself if you will feel comfortable using it to make calls and if it will be easy for you to carry given the clothes that you wear. If the answer is yes and yes, a phablet it the way to go.

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  1. in my case I do have a company phone whose number does not carry with it internet access. My solution: buy a phablet since I will carry the pocket wifi with me anywhere anyway. A satchel bag will do the job. I rarely wear a suit anyway.


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