Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dark Meadow: The Pack - Nvidia leverages its Tegra 3

Dark Meadow is Phosper Games new horror mystery game, with plenty of monster killing in between. Two version of the game have been released this month. The first is Dark Meadow for iOS which is available for sale at US$5.99. The second version is Dark Meadow: The Pack for Android Tegra 3 devices which is available for free on Google Play. A third version is expected to be released next month, Dark Meadow for non Tegra 3 Android devices. I am guessing the standard version for Android will be a paid app.

The Dark Meadow: The Pack is the ultimate version of the game which adds graphics effects, shadowing and textures which are not available on the iOS version and the coming with the standard version for Android. The take advantage of the 12-core ULP GeForce graphics processing unit on the Nvidia Tegra 3 which is the closest you can get to console gaming on a mobile phone or tablet. 

So, if it is slow weekend and you have a HTC One X or Asus Transformer Prime on hand and are wondering what all the Tegra 3 is all about, download Dark Meadow: The Pack. Owners of Apple and other Android devices will get to play this game too... but they will get the slightly watered down version. This should make you feel a little smug and happy about choosing a Tegra 3 device.

Dark Meadow standard for Android (coming soon).

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