Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HTC One X and One V pricing and availability

CMK Cellphones has the HTC One X and One V up on their website, with delivery of stocks available by tomorrow. The HTC One X is priced at Php27,600 and the HTC One V at Php13,490. Both of those prices compare very favorably with their competition.



The HTC One X is priced a bit lower than the Samsung Galaxy Note (Php29,000) and a bit higher than the Samsung Galaxy S II (Php25,950). Given the HTC's quad core processor, 720p display and 32 GB of internal storage the price premium over the Galaxy S II is easily justified. Since its release in the Philippines, we have maintained that the Samsung Galaxy S II was the best or still arguably the best Android phone in the Philippines. That changes today. As for the Galaxy Note, the magic behind that device is the large 5.3-inch screen and the stylus. The lower priced HTC One X is not likely to steal much of its appeal since that is targeted at a different market. 

The HTC Neo V is nicely priced at Php13,490. At that price we would recommend over our previous recommendation at this price point, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, but it has plenty of competition at this price point in the Huawei Honor and the soon to be released Sony Xperia U.

Update: Since we wrote the article the store where we quoted prices from has raised the price of the One X to Php28,500 and the One V to Php14,000.  


  1. Paps, ayon sa mga naka-iskor ng One X units sa HTC Phils stores, may kasamang "Smart Apps" na bloatware!!! Itong app na ito ay bloatware na galing sa Smart Communications pero bakit pinahintulutan ito ng HTC Phils? Dahil maimpluwensiyang blogger kayo, paps, maaari bang ireklamo niyo ito sa HTC Phils kase, mawalang galang na, KALOKOHAN ITO!!!


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