Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Globe Telecom Nokia Lumia 800 now free at Plan 1799

When we first wrote about Globe Telecom's Nokia Lumia 800 offering last month we were concerned that the handset was priced a bit too high. Being offered free at Plan 2499, it comes head to head with the Apple iPhone 4S which was a bit surprising since we do expect the Lumia 800 with its single core processor to be offered cheaper than the iPhone 4S. Here is the old pricing scheme for the Nokia Lumia 800 from Globe Telecom:

Apparently Globe had reconsidered their pricing offering the phone free at Unli Surf Comb Plan 1799 and My Super Plan 1799.

While the image from Globe on mentions the Unli Surf Combo Plan it also applies to my Super Plan.

You can also get this phone for at Plan 999 or Plan 499 and pay the cash out over 12-month zero interest, Plan 1799 give the most bang for the buck.


  1. Uh, really? So the lowest offer for this for is 1311?

    1. Yes, but as of April. Things may have changed by now.


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