Sunday, April 29, 2012

Which smartphone have the best battery life?

GSMArena has been doing comprehensive tests of smartphone battery life. Removing units not officially available in the Philippines, we looked at the top 5 in each category. We did keep one unit not yet available in the Philippines, the HTC One S so that you could compare the performance of Qualcomm's S4 which its processor built using the 28 nm process, and we do expect it to be coming soon.
Talk Time - Top 5 smartphones
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note - 12:14
  2. Samsung Wave 3 S8600 - 11:07
  3. HTC One V - 10:00
  4. HTC One X - 9:57
  5. HTC One S - 9:42
The Note has a massive 2500 mAh battery, so I am not surprised to see it top the list. The One X does very well too, which is the effect of having a low powered companion core (500 MHz fifth core) which does the work when quad core power is not needed. HTC One S with its 32 nm process shows its efficiency. The two popular phones of 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S II (8:35) and Apple iPhone 4S (7:41) did not fare well, with the Galaxy S II giving one hour less talk time than the HTC One S. The iPhone 4S gave two hours talk time less. The Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S have processors built on the 45 nm process.

Web Browsing - Top 5 smartphones
  1. HTC Radar - 7:17
  2. Apple iPhone 4S - 6:56
  3. HTC One V - 6:40
  4. BlackBerry Curve 9380 - 6:40
  5. Samsung Wave 3 S8600 - 5:34
Notably, all the phones that made the top five list have 3.7-inch displays or smaller, except for the 4-inch Super AMOLED equipped Samsung Wave 3 S8600. 

SD Video Playback - 
  1. HTC One S -  9:28
  2. Apple iPhone 4S - 9:24
  3. Nokia N9 - 8:40
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note - 8:25
  5. Samsung Galaxy S II - 8:00
Four of the top phones in SD video playback use AMOLED displays. The Apple iPhone 4S which was second on the list has a substantially smaller 3.5-inch display than the next smallest phone on the list, the Nokia N9 with its 3.9-inch display. Notably, the Samsung Wave 3 S8600 would be sixth on the list, at 7:52.

Overall, the Samsung Wave 3 did a good all around job in terms of battery life.

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