Sunday, February 27, 2011

Philippine Android Community and Globe Android Apps

Yesterday, I attended the Second Philippine Android Community (PhAC) Meet Up. I found out about this group on Twitter (@PHL_Android). The group maintains a website where you can ask questions about Android devices. PhAC is the brainchild of a lady named Charo Nuguid. 

Some of the members of PhAC. Samsung Galaxy Tabs seemed
to be the most common Android device at the meet-up.
I attended the meet and greet since I was curious to find out what the group is about. During their first event on January 29, 2011, Cherry Mobile presented some of their Android products. The second event was held at Ramen Bar, The Venice Piazza, Upper McKinley Road, Taguig. Seating was limited to about 40, and you had to apply for tickets at the PhAC website through a service called Eventbrite which allows users to register online for tickets, and delivers the tickets via email. 

Princess Cruz of Globe Labs talks about Globe Android Apps
I had not realized that Globe Telecom has put so much effort towards Android App development. Globe Telecom even maintains a unit called Globe Labs for the purpose of promoting Android Development. It was my impression that Globe Telecom was more focused on the iPhone.

Princess Cruz, of Globe Labs, and several of the Android Developers who built apps for Globe Telecom were present to introduce their apps and answer questions. The most interesting App I saw yesterday was one called POST'T. This app allows you to post simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter and Plurk. If you use two or all of these services, this will save you time in having to update your status in different networks. POST'T was created by a group of Filipino Android Developers going by the name Team WSG.

The Globe Android apps can be downloaded by Globe subscribers through Globes App Zone. At present, Globe Telecom hosts 43 locally made Android Apps in their App Zone. So Globe has its own Android app store.  Nice people, good food and learning something new. All in all, a very interesting afternoon.

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