Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mobile world is rocked - Nokia Embraces Windows, Apple the mass market

The big news yesterday is that Nokia has adopted Microsoft's Window's Phone 7 as its "primary smartphone strategy." This means the end of Symbian and MeeGo. The big winner in all this is Microsoft. Overnight, they appear to back in the Mobile OS game, after the lackluster launch last year of Windows Phone 7. Will the Microsoft-Nokia partnership make Windows Phone 7 the third force?

Rumors of the Apple iPhone Nano resurfaced. What is the iPhone Nano? A smaller cheaper iPhone. Maybe Apple has gotten a taste of the "mass market," it's very reasonably priced iPad might have given them a taste of what thing might be like when their products are not priced at too much of premium. An iPhone Nano is what is needed by Apple if they further want to expand their mobile phone market. So, will we be seeing a smaller iPhone? This might change things, all over again. 

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