Saturday, February 26, 2011

TipidPC & TipidCP

TipidPC and TipidCP is a Philippine market and forum. TipidPC was originaly a trading post for second hand personal computers, parts and accessories. Today, you will find both second hand and brand new items for sale, with many retail stores actually offering their products in the market. Also, the forum, was added about seven years ago because of the  clamor of users (myself included). 

The site expanded to mobile phones with TipidCP. Which is a trading post and forum for mobile phones and accessories. Both sites are great places to buy and sell hardware and gadgets, especially hard to find items. It is a very good place to get help and "technical support". There are plenty of resident experts there. If it can be done with a computer or cellular phone, someone there has tried it, for better or worse.   

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