Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cherry Mobile Omega - 5.3-inch Android

Cherry Mobile has announced that it will be releasing thee new phones this December 2012. You have two new Android phones running on Ice Cream Sandwich with 4.5-inch and 4.7-inch displays and a 5.3-inch Android monster phone running on Jelly Bean. Most of the interest has focused on the JellyBean powered monster.

This 5.3-inch phone is rumored to be a rebranded Zopo ZP900 upgraded with Android 4.1 JellyBean. There are two variants of the ZP900 for sale abroad, one with 512 MB of RAM and a 5 MP camera and the others with 1 GB of RAM and an 8 MP camera. Given that the local version will be running JellyBean, we expect the 1 GB model.

The other specifications are typical of entry level phones with a dual core processor on a MediaTek chipset, 4 GB of internal storage, MicroSD card slow, WiFi, HSPA, GPS and Bluetooth. The battery is a decent sized 2300 mAh unit. The display is what everyone is interested in. It should be a 5.3-inch IPS display with a qHD (540 x 960) screen resolution. 

Now the phone looks suspiciously familiar. Yup it looks like a Samsung Galaxy S III/Note II. Down to having a physical button. Here is to hoping the Cherry Mobile version has all capacitative buttons, or even better yet, on screen buttons.

The Zopo ZP900 with 1 GB of RAM and an 8MP camera sells for US$239 abroad. So you can expect local pricing to be in about the 10K range.

Than again, it might not be the Zopo ZP900.


  1. Sir, mas okay po ba yung Omega compare to Flame? Ang laki kasi ng Omega. Hehe. Thanks! :)

    1. Well, I guess it depends on how big a phone you want... But I guess we have to wait and see what it is like when it is finally released.


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