Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smart Communications offers the Apple iPhone 4 (8 GB) on pre-paid

Smart Communications is offering the Apple iPhone 4 on a pre-paid kit for Php29,000. This new version has its internal storage cut in half to just 8 GB.

We are not all excited about this offering. You can get the Smart Apple iPhone 4S for Php4,200 more, at Php33,200. For the additional 4.2K you get double the internal storage, twice the processing speed and the mediocre 5 MP camera on the iPhone 4 gets upgraded to the excellent 8 MP camera on the iPhone 4S. Another key advantage of the iPhone 4S as a camera phone is that it allows you to capture 1080p video, while the iPhone 4 only does 720p video. You also get a faster HSDPA radio, the iPhone 4 coming with a 7.2 Mbps unit, while the iPhone 4S has a faster 14.4 Mbps radio.

Basically, for a Php4,200 difference in price, we really would rather spend a bit more and get the iPhone 4S.

Looking around the market, you can get the HTC One X, unlocked, for as low as Php27,600. This gives you a large 4.7-inch 720p display, a quad core processor, 32 GB of internal storage, an excellent 8MP camera (1080P video) and fast 21.1 Mbps HSDPA connectivity. 

For Php23,200 you can get 2011's Smartphone of the Year, the Samsung Galaxy S II which gives you a larger 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, double the internal storage, user expandable storage, more twice the processing power, a much better camera, 1080p video, fast 21.1 Mbps HSDPA connectivity, and a user replaceable battery.

Basically, as nice a phone as the iPhone 4 is, well it really should be priced at less than 20K for the hardware it offers.

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