Monday, July 8, 2013

BlackBerry Plans: Smart All-In Plan 1800 compared to Globe Best Ever My Super Plan 1799

A month ago I had decided that I would be selecting a BlackBerry Z10 as my next phone. There are two versions of the BlackBerry Z10 in the Philippine marker. The one offered by Smart Communications is a Ti OMAP version which has a HSPA+ radio. The one offered by Globe Telecom comes with a Qualcomm chipset and an LTE radio. Hardware wise, in terms of processor speed and data connectivity, the Qualcomm version is the more desirable among the two. I was considering switching carriers, from Globe to Smart and avail of the LTE version of the BlackBerry Z10.

But comparing Smart’s All-In Plans and Flexibundles to Globe's offering, I found Smart's offer better suited for me.

Here are how the two plans stack up.


Smart Communications All-in Plan 1800: Php1,800 Peso Value
- Php0 for BlackBerry Z10
= Php1,800 balance.

Globe Telecom Plan 1799: Php3,200 Peso Value
- Php1,100 for the BlackBerry Z10
= Php2,100 balance


Data. I have been on Smart’s Data Plan 2000 for the past two years and the data monitor on my previous phone has reported that I have been consistently using between 600 MB to 800 MB of data a month. Now I do not try to conserve data usage and ever use my phone on WiFi. The reason for the low usage is I don’t view streaming video. That is the one application which can really lead to very high data usage. A few minutes watching video consumes as much data as an hour of web browsing. So I decided, while I would like LTE, I could live without it.

Smart Communications All-in Plan 1800: Php1,800 Peso Value
- Php599 for BlackBerry Unli
= Php1,201 balance.

Globe Telecom Plan 1799: Php2,100 Peso Value
- Php999 Unli Surf (LTE)
= Php1,101 balance

After applying the cost of the handset and data plans, both plans have almost the same balance left for calls and text.


Calls and SMS. Smart has two really good Flexibundle offerings:

Tri Net 400 @ Php400
500 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and PLDT
2,000 SMS to all Networks
150 MB Data

All Net Talk @ Php250
80 minutes of calls to Globe, Smart and Sun

The best option for me is to avail of one Tri Net 400 bundle and three (3) All Net Talk bundles, which would leave me with just Php51 balance:

Smart Communications All-in Plan 1800: Php1,201 Peso Value
- Php400 for TRINET400.
- Php759 for 3 x TALKALL
= Php51 balance

Given the amount of calls I make a month (200-300 minutes) and SMS I send (500), this is virtually an unlimited plan to all networks for my use.

With a Globe Plan, I would configure it this way:

Globe Telecom Plan 1799: Php1,101 Peso Value
- Php600 for 6 x ALL NET COMBO
- Php500 for 5 GLOBE/TM CALLS
= Php1 balance


Here is how the two stack up:

Total Package on Smart:

  • Unli BlackBerry Data
  • 500 minutes of calls to  Smart, Sun and PLDT
  • 240 minutes of calls to Globe, Smart and Sun
  • 2,000 SMS to all Networks
  • Php51

Total Package on Globe:

  • Unli LTE Data
  • 100 minutes of calls to  Globe and Touch Mobile
  • 30 minutes of calls to all Networks
  • 600 SMS to all Networks
  • Php1

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