Friday, July 26, 2013

Simple comparison between a O+ 8.15, Cherry Mobile X2, MyPhone Iceberg and Starmobile Knight

One of our readers made a simple, but I think very helpful comparison between the O+ 8.15, Cherry Mobile X2, MyPhone Iceberg and Starmobile Knight. 

The reader wrote:

"Expandable memory, removable battery... these are probably two of the most common points of comparison between the local brands. 
Just for kicks I made a chart about it using my leet MS Paint skillz:"

I think the reader may be right. Expandable memory and a user replaceable battery are important to many buyers. So far, every phone I have owned has a user replaceable battery. For me, the absence of this feature is a deal breaker. I might have to change my mind in the future, as this is becoming less common.

Thanks, Anonymous.


  1. Starmobile Knight. What can I say? it started with a rumor, into a 3 month hype. 2 weeks after release, no stocks pa din in other parts of the country. Siguro by then, kung magka stocks ang Knight, sabay na sila sa Comos Z.

    My advice: for those looking for Starmobile knight, check out Cherry Mobile Kiosks, better options with Cosmos ng Cherry Mobile. the good thing is, IT'S already in-stock!

  2. non-replaceable battery is only an issue if you plan to keep your phone for more than a year.

    if you're always on the go, there are a lot of mobile power banks already. instead of buying a spare battery, it's more practical to just buy a power bank since it can be used with other devices as well.

  3. anu ba talaga maganda sa 4 na phone.bibili na ako next man kailangan ko lang ng feedback sa inyo para makabili na ako.

  4. I have a CM Cosmos Z and so far no problems or any issues. Have it for like a month now and I'm loving it. All the features I'm looking for are in there so I didn't settle for high-end smartphones (Smasung, iPhone, etc). I dunno what O+, MyPhone, and Stamobile offers but yea, I'm sticking with Cosmos Z. lol

  5. Hindi po ba sila madaling masira? Alin po ba ang mas maaasahan? At mas tatagal? Ang o+ ay US diba po. Does this mean mas matibay po ito? Or pareha lang po sila?


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