Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smart Communications brings LTE to its All-In Plans

Smart is now offering LTE services to its all-in subscribers.

  • LTE Bundle 50 - 1 day of unlimited mobile surfing using its LTE network 
  • LTE Bundle 299 - 7 days of unlimited mobile surfing using its LTE network 
  • LTE Bundle 995 - 30 daya of unlimited mobile surfing using its LTE network 

The LTE bundles will work in LTE covered areas, and will use Smart's HSPA/HSPA+ network non LTE areas.

@SMARTCares was kind enough to confirm this for me:

@Roberto_Lim LTE packages provide unlimited access 2 d internet whether u are on d 3G or LTE network. To get d optimal LTE experience, pls make sure u are in an LTE covered area and registered 2 LTE data packages with ur LTE capable device. Visit 4 more info about LTE plans and packages. Thanks.

Notably, Smart's LTE Bundles cost just as much as HSPA+ Always On plans.


  1. is it charged with your consumable or on top of your bill?

  2. Is it really unlimited or do they have a daily data limit?

  3. this is a very helpful article :D i hope Smart gets an update since there are so many new phones release in such short time span.

  4. confusing. does it really mean unlimited surfing? why do they have a separate unli surf category which is more expensive (1000)? also, why would they have 'always on 995' which costs 995 but only 2gb worth of browsing for a month?? maybe the lte bundle 995 would need a separate subscription to unlisurf 1000???

  5. same concern here.. I can't believe that no one from SMART was prudent enough to realize that this may cause confusion to their current and future subscribers.


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