Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Huawei Ascend D quad & quad XL - Making waves at MWC 2012

While the HTC and LG offerings at Mobile World Congress 2012 offered up what you expect, Huawei which has been manufacturing low cost Android phones has come up with a new offering which is the most interesting flagship Android announced in Barcelona. 

As expected of a  flagship Android 4.0 phones, both the Huawei Ascend D quad & quad XL both have large 4.5-inch 720p (720 x 480 displays), 1 GB of RAM, and adequate amount of internal storage, 8 MP cameras and HSDPA 21.1+ connectivity. 

The Huawei Ascend D quad is a slim 8.9 mm and packs a 1.2 GHz quadcore processor and 1800 mAh battery. The Huawei Ascend D quad XL is a thicker 10.9 mm but comes with a faster quad core 1.5 GHz processor and a larger 250m mAh battery. 

What makes this phones interesting is that they do not pack Nvidia's Tegra 3 but Huawei's own K3V2 chipset which Huawei claims is faster than the Tegra 3 and uses 30% less power. Whether this holds up to be true or not, Huawei has joined Apple and Samsung as mobile phone manufacturers which design their own AMR based chips for the devices they sell. Like Samsung, Huawei manufactures these chips in-house.  

Looks like Huawei is really setting its sites on moving up in the smartphone world in 2012.

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