Friday, February 24, 2012

Ubuntu for Android: The future of all computing

A few days ago, we wrote about Ubuntu for Android.

Basically, it will bring the ability to install Ubuntu Linux on Android phones. When used as a phone, the Android OS will be used. When plugged into a dock with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, it uses your phone as a CPU for a Ubuntu desktop.

We now have a few more details. This effort is further along than we expected. Slashdot reports that in the demo, using a Motorola Atrix,when it's docked into a laptop or desktop setup, the full version of Ubuntu is used, "with files, apps and other functionality such as voice calls and texting (are) shared between the two — for example, if a text message is sent to the phone when it's docked, the SMS pops up in Ubuntu, while calls can be received or made from the desktop."

PCWorld reports "that Ubuntu for Android will come preloaded on smartphones." So you wont be able to download this from the Android Market. You will need a device which designed around this. 

When will we see these devices?
“It really depends on (Android phone manufacturers),” she said. “We're ready to go.”

What we couldn't have seen coming was that Canonical would not only bring Ubuntu as a player to the game, but give us a sneak peek into the future of computing. And, we mean all computing, not just desktop or mobile. This is the future. 

We could not agree more.

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