Thursday, February 23, 2012

20 million Samsung Galaxy S II's sold

Samsung has reached the 20 million sales milestone with the Galaxy S II in the 10 months since its release as reported by Engadget. This nearly equals the the 22 million Galaxy S phone sold to date which was released a year earlier.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the phone that placed Samsung as the top Android smartphone maker in 2011. Now ten months after its release it is still an excellent choice. Priced at Php2,5950 with an official Samsung warranty, is 5K cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the 7K cheaper than Apple's iPhone 4S.

On postpaid, the Samsung Galaxy S II is not as attractive. It is available free from Globe Telecom at Plan 2499, same as the iPhone 4S, although the iPhone 4S comes out cheaper if you go to lower plans. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available free at a lower plan from Smart Communications, the GNex being avail free at Data Plan 2000. 

The Galaxy S II specifications actually exceed those of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus except in terms of screen resolution and installed operating system (the GNex has a larger screen, but space is taken up by the on screen buttons, whiles the S II has dedicated capacitive buttons). The Galaxy S II much matches up with the specifications of the iPhone 4S, while having the advantage of a larger screen, faster 3G connectivity and expandable storage. 


  1. This is good but i think samsung Galaxy Ace Plus should be better.

  2. Great stuff for this amazing phone. I just love the phone Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone was one of the highlight of the last year in tech world.


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