Saturday, February 18, 2012

What entry level smartphones in 2012 will look like

While the tech community has their eyes fixed on the expected quad core mobile phones which will make their first appearance at the 2012 Mobile World Congress, I am more interested in seeing what the new entry level phones will look like.

Sony has already has two smartphones running 1GHz scorpion processors, 512 MB of RAM and decent 320 x 480 resolution screens selling for under Php10,000 in the Sony Ericsson Line with Walkman and the Xperia Mini. These phones both also come with 5 MP camera's so there was actually room for more cost cutting. Similarly, Nokia already came out in 2011 with the Nokia 500 running a 1 GHz processor and a very impressive 360 x 640 resolution screen.

While dual core and quad core phones bring speed needed for heavier software, this really is mainly for the hard core gaming community.  I use my phone for communications mainly, calls, SMS, email, social networking and instant messaging and two year old specifications are more than enough. I think most smartphone buyers wont necessarily need the latest and greatest. In fact, in 2012 I think entry level models will be more than sufficient for most users.

I expect that by middle of this year, the entry level Android's will come with 1GHz Scorpion or A8 processors, with Adreno 205 of PowerVR SGX530 graphics and a 320 x 480 resolution or better display. I do suspect most of these devices will still use 3.2-inch and smaller screens, so as to give the entry level products more differentiation from higher end Androids. Hopefully, entry level Droid's migrate to 3.4" and larger screens. 

Similarly, the 1 GHz processors and Andreno 200 graphics that are required to run Windows Phone devices are not inexpensive enough to go into phones with a price point below 10K. 

In the end, the biggest beneficiary of all the leaps in technology is the entry level buyer.  

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