Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Secure your computer and data with back-ups

Learn how to properly back-up and secure your data from a professional.

"Working as an IT professional for around 8 years now, I have had a lot of experience in the IT world. Unfortunately one of the biggest oversights people make are backups – or should I say, lack of them. It is common for companies to backup their servers so that important, business critical information is backed up and secure. But what about your holiday pictures from last year, the pictures of your new born child or personal finances etc…all of this is extremely important data and if it went missing or got damaged could be disastrous for the owner. 
I’ve seen it on numerous occasions where users have not bothered to backup, then get very upset when we call them to say their failed hard drive is irreparable. Personally, I have 3 layers of backups that I use – it works for me and ensures that my data is secure. In this article I will explain how my backup regime works and give you some examples of free software that you can use to backup on both Windows & Linux." 

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