Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Advance Ace Hack Kit has a new home

The Advance Ace Hack Kit or AAHK which is a all-in-one tool for rooting your HTC Desire HD and HTC Inspire has a new home:

Home of the Advance Ace Hack Kit

AAHK makes it easy and safe to root your Android phone. In addition it does the following:

  • Custom AAHK Bootloaders support popular ENG S-OFF functions for both Sense 2 and Sense 3 partition layouts
  • Only ONE menu step – HACK ACE
  • No ROM downgrade required (only radio/kernel) for devices not running Sense 3
  • The original ROM is retained (except when downgrade from Sense3-GB is required)
  • No wiping data for devices not running Sense 3
  • Rom is fully functional (yes, inc wifi)
  • Fully rooted with insecure boot image (supports adb remount for rw system)
  • Busybox manager app installed
  • Radio S-Off, superCid & carrier sim unlock
  • Correct Radio is automagically restored for HSPA+ operation
  • Clockworkmod Recovery included
  • All known Inspire/DHD builds supported
  • Easy return to stock for SOME builds (See the Effen Manual – not all carrier RUUs are available)

Remember, rooting voids your warranty.

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