Friday, July 20, 2012

Acer TravelMate B113 - Budget Priced Ultraportable

Acer's budget price ultraportable laptop, the Acer TravelMate B133, is now available in the Philippines. Some would call this laptop a netbook. But with an 11.6-inch display with the standard laptop 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, and a dual core Intel Celeron B877 processor inside, which provides twice the processing power of an Intel Atom, we will call this one a laptop.

Priced at Php16,999 this laptop comes with a decent kit. It has  2 GB's of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive. It also comes with some things you won't expect to find at this price range. The Acer TravelMate B133 comes with a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out and Bluetooth 4.0. You get the usual laptop trimmings like a card reader, webcam and WiFi. The battery is also the typical 4400 mAh unit you would expect to find in a laptop, which should be good for five hours or so of battery life. Weight is a reasonable 3.1 pounds and it is 1.1 inches thick. 

Now, the Acer TravelMate B133 is supposed to come with a Linux operating system, but the display model I saw has Windows 7 Starter installed, which the retailer was willing to throw in for free.

It is a decent laptop.  The keyboard is decent, though with a bit of flex when typing on the middle keys. All in all, nothing much to complain about for the asking price. Right now, it is what I would recommend for 11.6-inch laptops. I do not like it better than Sony's 11.6-inch Vaio E, bit that will cost you 5-7K more. 


  1. Hi Robert, from which retailer did you see this available?


  2. I didn't know that Acer had 11 inch model with high DPI.

  3. What about speakers? Are they good, compared to EEE ?

    1. Sorry, I do not have demo units to do a side by side test.


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