Friday, January 7, 2011

AMD Fusion laptop reviewed @ Laptop Mag

Laptop Mag has done a full review of the 11.6-inch HP Pavillon DM1. It gives us a look into AMD Fusion performance. So how does the new AMD Fusion fare? The HP laptop reviewed used a 1.6GHz dual core E-350 with its ATI  6310 graphics card. As compared to a Intel Core i3 330UM with Intel HD graphics, the Intel solution has almost twice the processing power while the AMD solution provides almost twice the graphics power. 
Compared to a dual core Atom with Nvidia Optimus Graphics, the AMD E-350/ATI 6310 combo has roughly 10% more processing power than the dual Intel core Atom D550 (1.8GHz) but 20% less performance in the 3D graphics department. 

Battery life of the HP Pavillon DM1 was a impressive 6 hours and 37 minutes. This gives it 30 minutes to one hour more battery life than the typical Core i3 ultraportable or dual core Atom/Nvidia Optimus netbook.

Is it a good option? Based on pricing abroad, yes. We have to see at what price points AMD Fusion notebooks and notebooks are at when they get here.

You can read the full Laptop Magazine review at this link

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