Saturday, January 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Capdase Soft Silicon jacket and Case Logic E-Book Reader case

Given that a tablet is a device which you are likely to carry in-hand and slide into a bag. Getting something to protect it from chips and scratches is probably a good idea. There are not that many options for Samsung Galaxy Tab cases in the Philippines. Looking around in the Mall of Asia, my wife selected a Capdase Soft Silicon jacket and a Case Logic E-Book Reader case. The Capdase case cost Php1,500 with a screen protector included. If you get a Silicone case without one, I probably would not bother with the screen protector. The Samsung Galaxy Tab screen is made of Gorilla Glass, probably making it the strongest part of the entire assembly.

The Capdase case also comes with a stand which allows you to place the tablet on a flat surface at two different angles.

The stand folds discretely into the back of the tablet and is removable.

The capdase case comes in several different colors, including clear, grey, blue and pink. The grey one is the one picture.

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