Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Globe Telecom Super Surf Promo

Globe Telecom has a Super Surf Promo which runs from now until April 30, 2011. Super Surf is an add on to Globe Telecom postpaid plans which gives you unlimited internet access through your mobile phone. Thanks to for the heads up.

Super Surf: The perfect add-on to your Globe iPhone

From Globe's website: Super Surf addresses the need for affordable and reasonable rates for data services. This is a new add-on data plan that offers unlimited chatting, downloading, emailing and surfing wherever you go. 

Super Surf is available as a Regular offer and BlackBerry offer. For BlackBerry, Super Surf allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited surfing, emailing, chatting, social networking on the BlackBerry APN only. Subscribers on Super Surf for BlackBerry cannot do video streaming and tethering. Should subs stream and tether, they will be charged on top of their subscription P0.15 per kb.

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