Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can I blog on a tablet?

I have edited blog posts from my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone using the standard desktop interface. Writing an entire post from my phone its something I have not been able to do. I decided I would try to do it from a tablet, specifically a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Using the default browser I had a problem straight of the bat. I wrote the title to this post using the default browser of the Galaxy Tab. But once I got to the body I could not get the virtual keyboard to pop up. However by clicking the "Edit HTML" tab I managed to get the virtual keyboard to pop up.

While I am not yet an expert with Swype, writing with Swype can probably be as fast as a physical QWERTY keyboard once you get used to it. Although with a device this large some words require a wide sweep. A smaller keyboard would be better for Swype.

On the default browser, some of th editing options don't appear (no option to justify paragraphs by way of example), but the option to upload and insert pictures does. Unfortunately, it does not work. I fired up Opera Mini and Opera Mobile but still no luck.

Will try again in a few days with another browser and see if I get a better result. All for now.

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